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Elf on the Shelf 2014

Ever since we have all gotten sick life has taken a back seat. For the past week all I have been able to do is take care of sick kids and try to get myself better. The second one is not very easy. Seriously, trying to recover while not sleeping and nursing four sick children back to health is no easy task. With that being said tonight’s post is going to be short and sweet. Instead of doing a What I Ate Wednesday post, like I was planning, I am going to talk about a new addition to our family (I have been meaning to introduce you to her for a few days now).

Sparkle Lila

christmas 2014 - elf on shelf

I was trying to hold off as long and I could, but last week Sophia came home and asked when our shelf elf was going to be here? I immediately thought oh no I guess I have to get in the game. Low and behold we not only bought the elf with the book, but had to purchase the skirt, boots, and the DVD. Yes, we are suckers. Ha! But our girls are loving it. They love every thing about their elf.

Now, I must say she came at a time when our house is very sick and busy, so she is not doing anything exciting. I am not going to win any awards for my elf maneuvering skills. But, everyone is happy and that is all the matters.

So, our lovely name for our elf was thought up long and hard by Sophia. Seriously, when I asked her what are we were going to name our elf she quickly, without much thought, said Lila. Then we were reading the Shelf on the Elf book and they made the suggestion Sparkle; Sophia finally decided on Sparkle Lila. Perfect!!

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  1. Do you have an elf in your house? Are you creative?
  2. Did you choose to bring your elf in or did your kids ask?

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