A minivan and a workout

A Minivan and I am Changed Forever Oh my, I can’t believe I just wrote that title. I have truly lost my mind. So, Steve and I decided we could really use a bigger car for our two little ones and maybe one day another little munchkin. Currently, we have a Trailblazer that we bought four years ago just before we had Sophia. Our search began with the Traverse, originally my first choice. At the beginning of our search I was fighting the minivan idea. I just couldn’t picture myself in a minivan. I mean come on I am only 27...

Today is the Day!

Welcome to Fit for Motherhood. I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, but something kept holding me back. I am not sure if it was the fear of failing, the fear of change, or the fear of putting myself out there for the world to see, but here I go. It may take a little while to get things up and running, but I promise I am going to give this my whole heart. Please stick around and we will get to know each other a little better. Talk to you soon.


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