WIAW # 125 – Loving Counting Macros

WIAW # 125 – Loving Counting Macros

I have been counting macros for just over a week and am really loving the process. To me it’s like a puzzle. Throughout the day I have to figure out what is going to fit into my macros.

What I love about counting macros is that it is basically eating in moderation taken to the next level. Seriously, if I feel like a cookie that’s fine I just might have to balance it with a healthy salad later on. I still believe healthy foods are important and you should focus on eating more nutritious food about 80% of the time, that leaves 20% for treats.

Here is a look at a not so typical day of eat while counting macros.

Meal #1

After completing Upper Body Fix Extreme I got ready for the day then enjoyed 4 egg whites and half a sweet potato with 3 pieces of center cut bacon. I chose this breakfast today because I knew Isabella wanted Dairy Queen after orientation and I wanted to make sure I could fit ice cream into my macros. Planning ahead makes it much easier when counting macros.

wiaw - egg whites and sweet potatoes

Snack #1

Yesterday, was Isabella’s kindergarten orientation. Don’t even get my started on how cute she was, but boy is this mama going to miss her. She requested Dairy Queen afterwards so that’s just what we did. Isabella had a vanilla cone and I enjoyed a mini reese’s blizzard. Since, I am counting my macros I simply made it fit into my day, easy as that. This way of eating allows me not to feel guilty over indulging in a treat. Balance is what I am all about.

blizzard PB
april 2016 kindergarten orientation isabella

Meal #2

After Dairy Queen I dropped Isabella off at preschool then headed home to see McKayla and McKenzie. Once, I got home I enjoyed my favorite taco salad with lettuce, taco meat, and sauce; the perfect balance after my blizzard.

taco salad

Snack #2

I had a bowl of strawberries and grapes with some cashews.

wiww - fruit

Meal #3

Since, it was a cold day here I enjoyed a cup of tomato soup with a couple turkey meatballs before we headed out to picked up Sophia and Isabella from school.

tomato soup
meatballs with tomato soup

Snack #3

I had half of a sweet and salty peanut bar.

Meal #4

For dinner we enjoyed one of our favorites, crescent chicken. It’s delicious and so easy to make. I actually love to get everything ready while the twins nap, then once we get home I can put it all together and throw it in the oven. This meal is ready in as little as 30 minutes.

mimm 39 - chicken roll ups


I ended my day with 3 small square of dark chocolate.

trader joes 72 cacao dark chocolate

The thing I love most about counting macros is the fact that I don’t have to deprive myself of anything. Some days I have to make choices, but if it doesn’t fit one day I can fit it in the next. It’s that simple. I never feel as though I can’t have something, some days I simply choose not to.

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