White Chocolate Candy Mix

This is seriously so addicting. So be careful. ūüôā I love to make this and give some away. I will wrap it up in nice plastic Christmas¬†bags and tie it with a ribbon.

White Chocolate Candy Mix

You can play around with the amount of each ingredient depending on what you and your family like. We like less M&M’s and more cereal and pretzels.

Ingredients: (small recipe, perfect for our family)

11 oz White Chocolate (I have used the disks and chips)

2 cups chex cereal or crispix cereal (I have used both)

3 cups pretzels (sticks or waffle – I have used both)

1/2 cup peanut butter M&M’s or Peanuts (I am not a peanut fan so I switched mine)

1/2 cup M&M’s

Ingredients: (large recipe Рdepending how much I plan to give as gifts)

1 medium box chex or crispix cereal

1 med jar dry roasted peanuts or 1/2 medium bag peanut butter M&M’s

1/2 medium bag regular m&m’s

1 lb bag pretzles

2 – 1 lb. bag of white chocolate (I have used the disks and chips)

Directions: (these are the same for the two sizes, the larger size will take longer to melt)

1. In a large bowl combine all ingredients except white chocolate and mix.

2. Put white chocolate into microwave safe bowl melt in 1 minute intervals (for small mix), 2 minute intervals (for large mix) at 50% power until melted. Stir in between intervals. Sometimes I go down to 30 seconds depending on how fast the chocolate is melting. You don’t want the chocolate to burn.

3. Pour over mixture immediately.

4. Spread our 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick on wax paper on counter.

5. Let dry at least 30 minutes.

6. Enjoy!

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