What I Ate Wednesday #1

What I Ate Wednesday #1

With the little mid-week hiccup this post is coming out a couple days late, but that’s life right?! Always ready to throw you a curve ball. Over these past couple of days trying to get my site up and running again I began to think about a lot of things. First thing is that nothing is in our control. We need to learn to let go and realize that we can only do so much. We need to let go of the perception that we can achieve perfection because we can’t, there is no such thing. Second, is that my hubby has my back always and forever. I always know that, but he sure stepped up to get my site going again. I am so thankful to have him in my live to help and support me in anything I do. Him and I make the best team, we have learned throughout the years we can do anything as long as we are together. Love you hubby!

With all the said, I am so excited to be back to a regular blogging routine. What I Ate Wednesday’s were always a favorite of mine. I loved checking in on my eating; blogging about it certainly kept me accountable. I’m glad to be back.

Meal #1

Breakfast was a steamed sunny side up egg or a dip egg (as we say in our house) with a toasted english muffin. This has been my go to breakfast lately. It’s quick and easy. I paired this with an open face turkey, brie sandwich on half a piece of cornbread (I’ve been loving this combo lately). I also grabbed a couple of triscuit crackers before walking out the door. Sorry, mornings are quite busy over here, no time for a picture.

Meal #2

Once I walked in the door from teaching and taking Pure Barre I made a salad with air fried zucchini, broccoli, and riced cauliflower. I love topping my salads with salsa. Followed by teriyaki chicken meatballs with pearled couscous (I made a batch over the weekend and have been eating it throughout the week.). While everything was cooking I munched on a combo of both tortilla chips and pita chips. Starting my lunch with a plate full of vegetables is a win and keeps my full for hours. Once you learn how to cook vegetables in a way to love, you will crave them. On days I don’t eat my salad and veggie combo I truly miss it.

Meal #3

Oatmeal Pumpkin Protein Pancakes – I recently brought these back into our rotation and they are delicious. It had been way too long. I topped my pancakes with a little whipped butter and syrup.

Meal #4 Mid-Day Treat

I felt like something sweet in the middle of the day. I heated up a piece of my 3-ingredient brownie (I will share the recipe ASAP) with a scoop of ice cream. Hey, when applesauce is one of your brownie ingredients this is considered a fruit right?

Meal #4

BBQ Chicken Pizza Pita – Joseph’s Pita topped with BBQ sauce, chicken, and cheese. I cook this in the air fryer for 3 minutes and that’s it. I love that this is quick, easy and delicious. I paired it with a side of Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi (I cooked it in the microwave to make it faster.) topped with a little cheese.

Meal #5

This is were my day of eating goes a little crazy, but that’s how we roll around here. Since, tonight was quite busy I didn’t have time to cook a meal (in the traditional sense). I mean I could have if I prepped earlier, but I didn’t. Oh well, that’s life.

Our evening began after getting my girls off the bus. Isabella had to go to swim, then we hurried home to eat and get ready for Sophia’s 5th grade concert. I “made” a frozen pizza for the girls, but I’m not a huge pizza fan (it has to be a really good pizza) so, instead I quickly made myself an egg with scrambled egg whites and half a bagel. I also heated up a leftover beef and cheese wrap (I’ll get you the recipe ASAP. It’s actually too easy I can’t even call it a recipe.). I paired that with half a frozen hash brown patty, which I simply cooked in my air frier. (no oil, no prep). We love the hash browns from Trader Joe’s, they are delicious and so much healthier than the ones from a restaurant. I think they are taste better too, less greasy. I know quite the combination of food, but it worked for me. Everything was quick, easy and had a great balance of protein, carbs, and fats.

Meal #6

Once we arrived home from Sophia’s concert it was pretty much bedtime, but I was hungry and knew I needed some protein. I quickly microwaved a couple scrambled eggs and had the other half of my bagel. I paired it with a piece of toast topped with almond butter and grape jelly.

Meal #7 – Ending my Day of Eating

Once I got my girls all tucked in, I ended my day of food with half a Kirkland protein bar topped with peanut butter (I microwave mine for 10 seconds, it tastes like a decadent treat. Half the bar is plenty, they are filling.). I also had half a perfect bar. Both of these bars have different ratios of carbs, fats and protein, so in order to hit my numbers I paired them together. Also, I didn’t have to choose between my two favorite bars. I do try to only eat bars when necessary. Sometimes our days and nights are so busy they are my best option. Of course, I would much rather have unprocessed food, but it doesn’t always happen and that’s okay.

We as moms need to learn to give ourselves a break. We are not supposed to be perfect. Some days our children will eat a ton of fruit and vegetables, some days they won’t. It’s all about balance.

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