Today’s Workout – At Home Yoga #2

Today’s Workout

Happy Monday everyone. Today I woke up extra early to do P90X yoga DVD, which I am loving right now. I also made it a goal to do yoga at least once a week this month. Every time I get back into yoga I never know why I stopped doing it in the first place. The most difficult thing about this video is the fact that it is and hour and a half, so that means I wake up at 5:30 am to do it before the girls wake up.

At Home Yoga Routine #2 

Slim Waist Yoga Routine – 10 minutes

Yoga for Getting Out of Your Way – 10 minutes

Yoga to Open Back and Hips – 7 minutes

Weight Loss Yoga: Strong Arms, Back, and Shoulders – 6 minutes (do twice)

Yoga for Your Butt – 6 minutes (do twice)

Yoga for a Strong Core – 6 minutes

Ultimate Stretch Yoga Routine – 10 minutes

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