Thinking Out Loud # 26

1. McKayla loves to fight sleep. Actually, she loves to fight anything that she doesn’t want to do. She is one tough cookie. Steve said something the other day that has really stuck with me. He said, “that is why McKayla survived” and he is so right. McKayla is a fighter and because of that she is with us today. I know it is sad to think that way, but it is the truth. So, now every time almost every time she fights me I am going to sit back and smile. McKayla being a fighter is a blessing; without that personally trait we might not have her here with us.

2. McKayla is also the one who loves to tease her sister. She knows how to get under her skin. I feel terrible for McKenzie, but it actually cracks me up. Her favorite thing to do is grab McKenzie’s pacifier out of her mouth and run. McKenzie sits there and cries all while McKayla smirks. Oh my!! But most of the time McKayla and McKenzie love being together.

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3. McKayla and McKenzie slept amazingly well last night. Whoo hoo!! They even slept-in this morning. What a wonderful way to start to our day. McKayla and McKenzie are so much happier when they sleep well and so is Mommy!!

4. Tonight we have curriculum night at Sophia’s school. I still can’t believe we have an elementary student. I am so excited to go and hear all about our daughters education. The teacher in me loves being in a school. Sophia was so cute last night. She asked, “Are you and Daddy going to my school for parent night tomorrow?” I said of course. She then told me that her friend Brayden asked if she was going and she told him no it’s just for parents. Ha!! She is getting so old. After curriculum night Steve and I are going out to dinner. Love it!!

5. At the beginning of the week Sophia brought home papers for me to fill out so I can volunteer in her class. We are both so excited. Sophia seriously, hasn’t stopped talking about me coming into her class. Last night she told Daddy that she didn’t want to go to school anymore, she just wanted to stay home with Mommy. He told her that she only has two more days left this week and then she will have two home days. She then told Daddy that she can’t wait for Mommy to come volunteer in her class. I can’t wait!!

6. Today definitely felt like fall. I hate to say that it felt cold this morning and it’s not even close to Michigan cold. I am so not ready for winter. Bundling four little ones does not sound like fun.

7. I love being able to blog during the day. All three little ones are sleeping/resting in their beds so I get a little me time. Yes, I should be cleaning and a number of other things, but I would rather talk to all of you; much more fun. 🙂

8. We have a busy weekend, but a fun one. Saturday we have two birthday parties to go to and Sunday Steve and I are going to a concert. I seriously, can’t remember the last concert we went to together. I can’t wait to spend time with my hubby. Our weeks have become a different busy now that Sophia is in school and some days I feel as though I never get to see him or talk to him. It will be nice to have a conversation without screaming or chattering in the background.

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Thank you Amanda for hosting this fun link-up. I loving being able to put my thoughts on “paper”.

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4 Responses to Thinking Out Loud # 26

  1. Julie says:

    Haha, that’s so cute that McKayla steals her sisters pacifier! My daughter use to do that all the time to her twin brother! She walked about 3 months before him, so she would pull it out of his mouth and run away. He would just sit there and cry! Then she started bringing him his pacifier when he started crying which was the sweetest thing ever!
    Aren’t twins just the sweetest ever!!

    • Renee says:

      It cracks me up every time and then I feel bad for McKenzie. 🙂 Oh my your poor son; he was helpless. I love when you see the sweet side of your kids; it always feels amazing. Twins are a blessing!!

  2. I love blogging during the day while Keenan and Mirella nap. It’s my “me time,” too, and sometimes the chores or housework just have to wait! I usually save my coffee until the afternoon to sip it while I blog!

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