Thinking Out Loud # 24

Thinking-Out-Loud (2)

1. Whenever I hear McKenzie and McKayla laughing together it melts my heart. I love seeing them giggle with each other.

2. Okay, so Sophia received her letter from her school tell us who her teacher is for this year. I seriously felt like I was going back in time. The feeling of your first day of school never goes away. I am so excited for Sophia to begin the school year; she will love it.

3. Steve and I went to the Tiger’s game (Detroit’s baseball team) in a suite with some friends last night. I can’t believe this was my first game all year. Well, okay I can believe it; our lives are a little busy right now. It was a wonderful night with friends.

.4. Tonight is my Rodan + Fields launch party. So, excited. This company is not a party company, but it is always recommended to have a kick off party. This way you can tell all of your family and friends about the products and what the business is all about. It is going to be a fun night. I can’t wait to share these products and business opportunity with everyone.

5. Since, I have my party tonight this means Steve is on his own for bed time. Oh my!! I will be thinking about him and praying it all goes well. McKenzie and McKayla are a handful.

6. It always cracks me up when McKenzie and McKayla trade pacifiers back and forth. They do this several times throughout the day and I love watching them.

7. I am hoping and prayer the weather cooperates for this holiday weekend. I would really like to get the girls to the pool one more time before school starts. We will see.

8. Okay, that’s it for now. I am off to get ready for the party. I will talk to you soon.

Thank you Amanda for hosting.


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  1. Christine says:

    I hope your party was a success!

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