The First Years Feeding Set

We have had the pleasure to review The First Years 4-piece feeding set and are in love. Not only do my girls love having their favorite characters on their feeding essentials they also love that their food doesn’t touch. 🙂 What kids wants their food to touch? I love that I can easily add fruit and veggies to their meals. This set truly makes meal time more fun for all my girls. These plates, spoons, forks, bowls, and cups are wonderful for children of all ages. We don’t go a day without using them.

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Make mealtime more magical with Disney Feeding Sets from The First Years! The 4-piece set includes a plate, bowl, fork and spoon. The sectioned plate provides a perfect place for finger foods. Flatware is stainless steel with durable plastic handles, and the bowl has deep sides designed to make scooping easier. Dishwasher safe. Plate and bowl are microwave safe and BPA Free. Ages: 9 months+. SRP: $12.99

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These cups are by far my favorite. Do you know how long it takes to put millions of sippy cups together? Forever; especially when you only have one hand. Well, these cups have a ONE piece lid, so no having to figure out how it all fits together. Genius!! I am clearing out my cupboard, getting rid of the mess and replacing all my cups with these. They are also spill proof which is a must in my house. And last but not least all my girls can use them; even the babies (I am definiatly going to be calling them babies forever!).

product review - doc mcstuffins cup product review - doc mcstuffins cup front

The First Years Disney Sippy Cups feature double layer insulation to keep liquids cold for longer, and an easy to clean One Piece Lid. Kids love the colorful and bright artwork of the cup, and parents love the innovative design. The double layer makes the cup sweat-proof, so that kids can easily grip the cup. And to make life even easier, all of The First Years insulated cups have interchangeable lids. This means you can just grab and go! Available as a 2-pack Insulated Sippy Cup (ages: 9 months+, SRP: $8.99) or a 1-pack Insulated Straw Cup (ages: 18 months+, SRP: $12.99)Product Review - first years sippy cup mckenzie 2

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The First Years Disney Doc McStuffins 4-Piece feeding sets are available on, and

The First Years Disney Doc McStuffins 2-pack sippy cups are available at Toys R Us, and online at and

The First Years Disney Doc McStuffins Straw Cups are available on

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  1. Christine says:

    Love this! I’m sure my daughter will love it, too.

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