Christmas Day 2017

Oh my goodness I can’t believe it’s already the end of January and I am just writing our Christmas day post! I am so sorry life just continues to get crazier and crazier, but I must say I love our crazy and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Experiencing Christmas through our daughters eyes is just magical…


One of our favorite moments was when our girls found out about our trip to Disney….

Our girls also received new suitcases to go along with our news of the trip…

Disney World March 2018!!


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Christmas Eve, Eve 2017

For the past 13 years we have been going to P.F. Changs for dinner on December 23rd with my parents and siblings. The first year was simply the 5 of us, we have now grown immensely. Steve joined us the following year and quickly our group began to expand year after year. When everyone is in town we are a party of 15. Wow!!

This tradition because my parents wanted to be able to enjoy our “little” family before the craziness of the following two days. We all look forward to this evening year after year.


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Christmas Eve 2017

I know, I know it is almost mid-Janurary, but I am still writing about Christmas. Someday I will catch up to real time, someday. 🙂

Christmas Eve always begins with breakfast at Steve’s dad and stepmom’s house. It is a great way to begin the day; relaxing and fun. Our girls love getting two “Christmas mornings”.

Christmas Eve comes to an end with mass, pizza, and a cake for Jesus.

We love spending our Christmas Eve at home with our girls. It makes for a stress free evening. We love to be able enjoy the Christmas season.




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Christmas 2017 – Part 1

Oh where do I begin…

Seeing the magic of Christmas through my daughters eyes is simply a blessing. They see things with such pure hearts and it is beautiful. I love that their happiness is so simple, I strive to be like them day in and day out. It’s the little stuff that means the most. I have become the best me since becoming a mom. I love the me that I have become; I am far from perfect, but my girls challenge me each and every moment to be the best version of me. Not only for them, but for me.

Christmas through their eyes is perfect…

We spent the week leading up to Christmas reading lots and lots of Christmas books, attending school parties, pajama day and so much more.

I love getting my shopping and wrapping done early so I can truly enjoy this time of year with my girls. I have my hubby to thank for that. I am a procrastinator and he is definitely the opposite and that is one of the reasons I love him.

More Christmas fun to come….

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