1st day of School 2017

I still can’t believe summer has come and gone once again. Seriously, where are the days, weeks, months, years going?! Our girls are growing up too fast, but oh so beautifully. They truly are such amazing little women. God has blessed us for 4 wonderful daughters.


Sophia my 3rd grader…

Isabella my 1st grader…


Their baby ┬ásisters are sure going to miss them…

A back to school celebration isn’t complete without cake…

The first day of school is always bittersweet for me. I am beyond excited for my girls to begin a new adventure, but I miss them dearly when they are gone. I wonder what they are are doing and if they miss me. I wonder if they need as much as I need them.


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Family Pictures 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I love family pictures. Well, I don’t love all the preparation and work, but I ALWAYS love the outcome and this year was our easiest year yet. I love having pictures taken each year. Steve however does not, but this year he didn’t mind it. Afterwards, he told me it wasn’t that bad. First of all we Karri Brantley was AMAZING!! She was sweet, funny, and kind. We loved her from the start and our pictures turned our perfect!! I loved how she caught each of our girls personalities. Isabella and McKenzie are definitely our silliest and boy did she capture their laughs. Sophia and McKayla are much more serious, they simply wanted to take their pictures, no goofing around. ­čÖé

Our family pictures throughout the years….

2012, 2015, 2016

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Our Family Vacation to Florida

Where do I even begin?! Our trip couldn’t have been any better. We had the most amazing time together as a family. I know I say this time and time again, but I truly love the ages of our girls. Traveling is so easy (well as easy as it can be with 4 kids) and fun!!! We laughed, played, experienced A LOT and we can’t wait to take our next adventure together!!

We started our 19 hour journey to Florida at 2:22 in the afternoon on a Friday and arrived in Florida Saturday at 9:30 in the morning. Our 19 hour car ride couldn’t have gone better. All four of our girls slept from 7:30-7:30. Yes, they slept for 12 hours in the car, it was pure bliss.

Tips for Road Trips with Kids:

  1. Lots of movies.
  2. Lots of snacks.
  3. Drive while they sleep.
  4. And don’t forget dramamine. Our girls have a history of getting sick on car trips.

Once we arrived we spent most of our days swimming and it was pure perfection. Thanks to Steve’s mom and step-dad we stayed used their timeshare at Orange Lake. We stayed in a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo; which was the perfect amount of space. It was exactly the type of family vacation we all needed. We could have stayed there forever. Seriously, our girls continue to talk about wanting to move to Florida. They love the heat just as much as their mama.

Of course, we ended up at Disney Springs THREE times; totally not planned. We planned to go once during our week, but we loved it so much we went two more times. Since, we have a trip planned to Disney World in March 2018 we stayed away from the Disney parks; not an easy thing for us. We all love Disney World, but we really wanted to simply relax and going to Disney World during the summer isn’t always relaxing.

Sophia and Isabella loved having sleepovers every single night. They loved having their own room. It was so sweet. I love how my girls are truly each other best friends. When we are on vacation as a family they never speak of missing their friends because they have three best friends with them ALWAYS!!

Sophia and Isabella decided to get their hair wrapped and boy did it bring back memories. Mama might have encouraged it just a little. My little sis and I used to get our hair wrapped on EVERY vacation and it is a memory I will never forget. If it didn’t take so long I would have had my wrapped too.

I could vacation all year long with our family and now that we know how easy driving is with our girls we definitely plan to do more of it. I love all the quality time we get together.


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July 2017

What a fun month we have had, I still can’t believe it is already August. Where is the summer going?

We have been doing our fair share of swimming, shopping, playing, visiting the zoo and so much more.

I love watching the way our girls are always taking care of each other. No matter where we are they are always looking out for their sisters.

Our Day at the Zoo

Playgrounds are so much fun.

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is visit different playground around town. We had a blast doing so last year and still love it this year.

I am so glad I take so many pictures. Looking back at all the fun we have had is the best medicine for a guilt stricken mom. No matter how much I do with my girls and how much time I spend with them I always feel as though it is ever enough. At the end of the day most days I feel as though all I did was clean, cook, and laundry. But, these pictures make me smile and show me how much fun we truly have together. Why do we do that to ourselves? Try to look back on your days, weeks, months at all the good you have and trust me there is always something to be thankful for, there is good in every day, every moment.

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