Mother’s Day 2017

First of all I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms. I hope all of you had a fantastic day with your families. My girls and hubby certainly know how to spoil me; they gave me the absolute most perfect day.

It all began with a quiet shower alone (anyone who has children knows how amazing this is); Steve took all the girls to get donuts.

Of course, they had some gifts for me and I loved them very much. My favorite ones are always the ones they made themselves. This Mother’s Day I felt so loved by all my girls; I can’t even begin to express how much I needed these moments meant to me. My heart is full.

As a mom I have many moments where I doubt myself and my mothering (lately it hasn’t been any different), then Sophia writes me this letter….

Wow, this definitely brought tears to my eyes after reading it. My girls really know what I need, when I need it.

After opening gifts we took our time getting ready for brunch. We didn’t need to rush or hurry; we made our way peacefully into the car. It was a perfect morning. This mama HATES rushing.

We enjoyed a wonderful brunch with Mimi, Papa, Gigi, Auntie Ade, and Uncle Scotty. We sure missed Uncle Fran, Aunt Sarah and Baby Maizy.

Sophia loved that we were seated right next to the dessert table.

We ended our day with a wonderful steak dinner, made by none other then my hubby. Anyone, that knows Steve knows he is one of the best cooks when it comes to steaks. He sure knows his way around the grill. It was the perfect ending to my perfect day.

My girls have my whole heart for their whole life…..

Since becoming a mom I have become a better person. Each and every day they teach me what life is all about. I have learned so much about myself, life and everything in between since the day Sophia was born and even more as our family grew and grew. I am beyond blessed to call these four girls my daughters. They are growing into such amazing little people and I cannot wait to see where their lives take them and the changes they will make in this world.

Since becoming a mother

I am more patient.

I am more forgiving.

I am more prayerful.

I am more compassionate.

I am more mindful.

I am more joyful.

I am more appreciative.

I am more thankful.

I am more blessed.

My daughters are truly my angels. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me my girls. God doesn’t make mistakes.

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Sophia’s 1st Communion

What a beautiful weekend we had celebrating our Sophia…

We couldn’t be more proud of our girl. She is growing up so fast, but in the best way possible. God couldn’t have given us a smarter, sweeter, kinder, more loving daughter.


Sophia signed up to read at mass and she was chosen for the first reading. She was one very excited little girl and did a wonderful job. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud we are of her.

We are blessed to have so many people who love our daughters. Sophia truly had a wonderful day all about her.

I still can’t believe Sophia is old enough to receive communion; when did this happen? She seriously grew up right before our very eyes.

After mass we celebrated with our loving family with a lunch at Indianwood.

Thank you to everyone for taking time out of your busy Saturday to celebrate with us. We love you all very much. We are truly blessed.

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10 Year Anniversary Cruise

Where do I begin?

It was absolutely wonderful and just what we needed. This trip was the perfect way to renew of our marriage and reconnect again. I love this man more and more each and every day.

We seriously haven’t been this relaxed in years; I truly can’t remember the last time we could just do nothing. I loved that your trip is practically planned for you when it comes to cruises; we didn’t have to think about meals, activities, or anything really.

I truly can’t wait to take our girls on one. This may be the start of some wonderful vacations together.

Our days consisted of laying by the pool, eating, reading, venturing out on St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Magen’s Bay was gorgeous; we spent most of the day relaxing on the beach. We really could get used to living on an island.

These last two days here in Michigan have been so cold I have been continuously asking myself why we live here. But, once summer comes I am reminded of how beautiful it is here. The problem is all the other months of the year.

While at sea we spent most of our days lounging by the pool (I finished two terrific books.) and at the spa (we splurged a little since it was our 10 year). Everything about our vacation was magical. Most of our nights were spent relaxing in a hot tub looking out into the vast ocean; such a beautiful view.

We loved seeing the shows and played a round of putt-putt and yes I beat hubby (his overly cockiness lost him the game… Ha).

One of our favorite places on the ship was Central Park. There was usually a nice warm breeze and you could here sounds of crickets (recording). It was the perfect way to spend our evenings.

Our anniversary was the 2nd to last night on the ship and we enjoyed dinner at one of the speciality restaurants called Chops Grille. It was a delicious steakhouse and lucky for us our anniversary happened to be formal night, we had so much fun getting all dressed up (at least I did).

10 years of marriage and 4 daughters looks pretty good on us. I love our family and our life. We are beyond blessed.

While we were away our girls had the best time with their Mimi (and Papa a couple of days; he worked A LOT). Mimi is truly an amazing women we are beyond grateful to have her in our lives. We couldn’t have have enjoyed ourselves if she wasn’t here taking such good care of our girls. Of course, it was a very busy week, but she survived. She did more then just survived she was AMAZING. Mimi even told us that she was going to miss our girls and that she had fun.


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Thinking Out Loud # 106

{Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud – Amanda}

  1. I am not sure I have told you, but Steve and I leave on a cruise in 2 days to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Oh my!! I am so excited, yet so sad. I am going to miss my girls like crazy. Some moments I can’t imagine leaving them and other moments I need the break. I know Steve and I need this time together. Our relationship is so important to a happy family.
  2. Am I going to count macros on vacation? Absolutely not!! I am a huge believer in enjoying your time away. Thinking, tracking, weighing your food is not something I am going to do on vacation. But, I am also not going to stuff myself silly every single day. I know be eating mindfully. I know once I get back I will be more then ready to get back to tracking. Whenever I take time off I am always excited to get back to it. I love my routine and I love how I feel when I am counting macros, but this break is much needed in all aspects of my life and I plan to take full advantage of it.
  3. I will be working out while there though. I love my workouts and I am actually excited to be in a gym; even if it’s just a cruise ship gym. Don’t get me wrong I love my home workouts, but a gym setting is always fun too and a nice change.
  4. I am working on a post that shares all my favorite macro friendly finds, but I am not sure it is going to get out before leaving. Getting ready for this trip is kind of consuming me right now. I still can’t believe we only have a couple more nights with our girls before heading to the airport. Just thinking about is makes me what to cry.
  5. I couldn’t write a post without my girls in it. We love going Starbucks with Mimi.
  6. Oh how I am going to miss those sweet faces. On a serious note I am literally in tears writing this. I know once we get there I will have a blast. But leaving is not easy. Like I said earlier some moments Saturday can’t come soon enough, but most moments I’m just not sure how I am going to get on that plane.


Side note: I most likely won’t be blogging next week, but I might just pop in to say hi at Instagram so make sure to follow me @reneefitformotherhood

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