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Another week has begun. I am not sure how I feel about the start of a new week. We are only a month into school and I am ready for a break. I am tired of the same routine day in and day out. I am done with getting us all out the door by 8am. I just want a pajama day. Okay, now that I vented for a minute it is time to tell you what is marvelous in my life so I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday. MiMM - logo Marvelous is… our wonderful family weekend. As you know we were supposed to go to the apple orchard on Saturday, but low and behold it was raining and cold. So, that did not work (try telling that to a 5 year old). Instead, we spent the day at Mimi and Papa’s house which was actually just what we all needed. Steve and I were able to relax while the girls played, they love it at Mimi and Papa’s house (the girls have the lower level all to themselves). And we were still able to enjoy some donuts and cider.

the beautiful weather on Sunday. We were able to go to the apple orchard after Sunday school. The girls picked out pumpkins and we ate some more donuts. Yes, I definitely ate my fair share of these tasty donuts this weekend. Cider mill donuts are the only donuts that I truly LOVE and to me they are worth every calorie (If I am going to eat something not so healthy I make sure it is worth it). Spicers, the orchard we went to, has pumpkin donuts and they are AMAZING.

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Fall is a beautiful time of year and I love spending these days with my family.

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  1. What is marvelous in your life?
  2. Are you a donut person?

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