MIMM # 43

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am linking up with Katie for another wonderful Marvelous in My Monday.


Marvelous is…

telling our girls about our Disney trip. I was so excited for days. I couldn’t wait for this moment. Honestly, it was not the reaction I was hoping for. Now, I know they are extremely excited, but I was really hoping for a huge reaction. I mean deep down I knew we weren’t going to have a huge reaction. Sophia doesn’t like attention like that; she has cried at every birthday party, event, etc. As much as she loves performing she doesn’t like when all the attention is focused on her. I wasn’t even able to get a picture of her. :( But as the evening went on they both got more and more excited. They kept talking about all the different rides they want to go on and all the princesses and characters they want to meet/see. I am not sure who is more excited Steve and me or our girls. This is a much needed vacation for all of us; I can’t wait to have some quality family time. :)

disney countdown isabella holding

Marvelous are…

my countdown charts. They are not as prefect as I would have liked. Ideally I wanted to make them on the computer, but it simply didn’t happen. McKenzie and McKayla were not cooperating yesterday morning. So, it is what it is.

disney countdown sophia

disney countdown isabella

Marvelous is…

McKenzie and MaKayla’s adorable personalities. They are truly coming to life and it is so much fun. I love spending time with them. They brighten all our lives. Yes, they are a lot of work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

mckenzie mckayla sitting

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  1. Tell me all about what is marvelous in your life.

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2 comments on “MIMM # 43

  1. Marvelous is… that I was able to quit my job last weeks – 5 weeks prior to our the due date of our little girl. I can relax and get ready and then stay home with her.

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