McKenzie and McKayla are 12 Months Old

Hi everyone, I know I am about three weeks behind, but hey what can I say? I still can’t believe McKenzie and McKayla are one years old; our babies are quickly becoming toddlers.

McKayla Grace

12 months - mckayla sitting outside

Wow, what a difference a year makes. Our little 3 pounder is now 18 lbs. 2 oz and 28.5 inches.

12 months - mckayla sitting outside sweet

I know I say this every month, but McKayla is still and always has been our calm and quiet one. She is reserved and loves to study the situation before joining in on the fun. Most of the time she would rather watch then participate (wow, that reminds me of someone I know – Isabella). She loves to cuddle and snuggle right up to my neck. She is so sweet and my little love bug. McKayla loves to be held and would like to be in my arms all day long. She is a Mama’s girl all the way.

McKayla is still wearing either 6 or 9 month clothing; it depends on the brand.

Sleeping:  She will either take two long naps (1.5 -2 hours) or at least one long nap and one shorted nap.

McKayla loves her pacifier, but only uses it in her crib. Well, okay occasionally I break down and give it to her throughout the day. Sometimes Mama simply needs a break. 🙂

Nighttime sleep has finally clicked. I am not sure if it’s because her ears are now clear and they are feeling better or if it her age. Maybe it is a combination of the two, but whatever it is I feel like a new women. Sleep is amazing. I can concur anything with a little bit of uninterrupted shuteye.

12 months - mckayla sitting outside silly

Eating: I am still breastfeeding, but we are in the weaning process (I am going to be writing a post on weaning ASAP). Before turning 1 she was nursing about 3-4 times a day. After her 1st birthday we went down to 2 sessions a day and we introduced whole milk. For the first week I do half whole milk half breast milk in a sippy cups with meals and snacks. Now for the past couple weeks they simply drink whole milk in their sippy cups and love it. McKayla has finally started eating better in the last week or so. Her eating has gotten better ever since having her surgery.  Mckayla’s favorites are still the same as last month with added in turkey and hummus. Yes, she loves turkey and hummus. It is great. She has also started loving peanut butter on toast.

12 months - mckayla standing outside

Milestones: McKayla has tarted taking a couple steps right around her first birthday and in the last week she has started to take 8-10 steps and is getting more and more balanced. It is so cute watching our little peanut walk. She loves to wave and clap at everything and she is our little climber; she thinks she is a monkey.

toddler - mckayla climbing new toy

Teeth: McKayla has 8 teeth and it getting her top two eye teeth in any day now. Poor thing is in a lot of pain.

McKenzie Madison

toddler - mckenzie outside

22 pounds and 30.5 inches, yes she is in the 75th percentile for weight and 90th for height. I can’t believe how far she has come.

toddler - mckenzie back

McKenzie is my energetic little girl. She loves life and is my mover and shaker. She loves to get right in the middle of the action, even if it is dangerous. Whenever Sophia and Isabella are dancing McKenzie wants to be right there. McKenzie still loves to snuggle and she will walk over to me and put her arms up when she needs a little snuggle time. I love holding my little snuggle buddy. McKenzie is still a Daddy’s girl, but definitely loves her Mama too. There are moments where she only wants me and usually it’s the same moment McKayla wants me and they we fight. Haha!!

12 months - mckenzie silly 12 months - mckenzie silly 2

McKenzie is wearing 12 month clothing.

Sleeping: McKenzie is still great at napping and takes 2 good naps a day (1.5-2 hours).

McKenzie’s has finally started sleeping through the night consistently, just like McKayla. She loves her pacifiers too and again I try to only use them at bedtime, but occasionally resort to them during the day.

12 months - mckenzie paci

Eating: McKenzie is still breastfeeding and is following the same weaning process as McKayla. McKenzie was having a little bit of a difficult time cutting out one of the feedings. During that time I would snuggle her and give her a sippy cup of half breast milk half whole milk. This works sometimes. She now drinks only whole milk from her sippy; no half breast milk. McKenzie still loves her solid foods and like McKayla she started loving hummus and carrots, but McKayla still likes them more. McKenzie has also started to like peanut butter and toast and I like that it is an easy snack for both girls.

Milestones: McKenzie is a walker. She walks everywhere. She started walking a about a week or so before her first birthday. She loves when we hold hands and she walks. She is so cute. She loves to clap and wave. McKenzie will wave to me whenever she is not next to me. She has quite the personality. Even though she loves to walk she still loves to snuggle her mama.

toddler - mckenzie walking outside

McKenzie is still a Daddy’s girl. Whenever he gets home he must say hi to her and give her some lovin.

Teeth: McKenzie has 8 teeth and is working on getting two more teeth. I originally thought she was getting her molars but now I think they might be her eye teeth. I am not sure.

McKenzie and McKayla have started to give kisses it is so sweet. Whenever I ask them for a kiss they give me a nice big one and I love their kisses. And they also love to kiss each other. It melts my heart. They seriously make-out with each other. Ha!! I love it!

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4 Responses to McKenzie and McKayla are 12 Months Old

  1. Claire says:

    Soooo cute! Thnks for the updates

    Do they eat carrots u cook or raw?

    • Renee says:

      Thank you. I give them very tiny uncooked carrots, organic petite bunny-luv. I only give them carrots when they are sitting and I am watching them because carrots make me nervous. 🙂 McKenzie and McKayla like them dipped in hummus.

  2. Christine says:

    Awww soo cute! They did come a long way!!

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