It’s Just a Number, It Doesn’t Define You

I wanted to take a minute or two to talk about the dreaded number on the scale. I am not sure you noticed, but I have never talked about how much I weigh on the blog (and I’m not going to do it today). During my pregnancy and postpartumĀ I told you how many inchesĀ  and pounds I was losing, but never told you how much I actually weigh. I did this for a number of reasons. I don’t like sharing my weight with anyone; not even my hubby. I don’t think anyone should try to weigh the same amount as anyone else. I truly feeling we are all different and our bodies are not meant to be the same. We don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone else.


I am at my happy weight, but for some reason I would love to 5 pounds thinner (I know my mom is cringing right now). But no matter what I do, my weight won’t budge. I guess I could go on some crazy diet, but I am not willing to do that. I like to eat healthy 80% of the time. I love to enjoy little treats throughout the day. With all that said I truly feel I am the healthiest I have ever been. I feel strong and toned. I feel great, until I step on that scale!!

Why oh why does a silly number drive me nuts? I really can’t answer that for you and I am nut sure I will ever be able to truly answer that question. I hate when I step on the scale and number is a few pounds higher I get upset and it really starts my day off on the wrong foot. With everything I have gone through (with my weight and eating disorder) I would say I am doing really well. I am not going to go to any extremes to try to get thinner I am simply going to continue what I do and make healthy choices the majority of the time. I want to be healthy and strong for my girls. My goals are much different now then they were years ago, before my girls came into my life.

Today I am pledging to STOP stepping on the dreaded scale everyday. My goal for the month of February is to only get on the scale once a week (Friday) and from there I will continue to reduce the scale each month until I no longer rely on it to tell me how “healthy” I am, to tell me if I should feel good about myself or not.

I will tell you not stepping on the scale day in and day out is not going to be easy for me, but it is necessary for me to become the healthiest and fittest me EVER. This is my year and I am going to do it right!!

Just as I was in the mist of writing this article Giselle posted an amazing article about Seeing Past the Scale. Go read it, it’s beautifully written.

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