Friday Favorites # 8 – Rodan + Fields

I haven’t talked about Rodan and Fields in awhile, but as you know I am a consultant and I am completely in love with their products. I fell in love months before I ever started representing this company. I truly believe in these products and I can’t wait to help you feel beautiful in your skin.

“Now I put on makeup because I want to not because I have to.”

These products speak for themselves.


This is Amy Stumler. She is a consultant in Indiana.  Sometimes you really do not notice the subtle changes in your skin after using R+F, until you compare the pictures side by side. WOW! I am blown away. She is proof that consistent use of quality products will give you results.

After living in Hawaii, she had a lot of sun damage! She used Reverse and Redefine, both the Macro E and the Amp roller. Now, it doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s obvious, it’s worth it!!

Contact me to find out the best value to get you started with R+F. You will love your skin!


Still think it’s not worth trying?? I think it’s time you gave it a shot! Email me today and let’s chat. I myself use the whole redefine line and tools; I am in LOVE!! My skin has never looked better.


She used SOOTHE for Rosacea for the first 3 months–> At the 3 month mark, she started REDEFINE.

“My face had become red and blotchy in the last few years. I had become embarrassed to have anyone see me without any foundation on my face. My dermatologist told me I had Rosacea and gave me some samples to try. None of them seemed to make any difference. So, I considered this my new normal, and, attempted to cover up the redness with several layers of concealer and foundation. By noon, the redness would begin to show through! Now, I felt uncomfortable even when wearing foundation. I started using Rodan and Fields Soothe regimen in February. Soon after I started using it, I was hospitalized with a rare disease. I made my husband bring it to the hospital so I wouldn’t miss any days using it. Before I left the hospital three weeks later, I was no longer embarrassed to have people see me without my foundation. Actually, I prefer the no foundation look and feel now. My skin is not only less red and blotchy, but it is so much smoother!”







reverse 2

 Celebrities cannot get enough of Rodan + Fields

reverse dina

britney spears

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Thank you Heather for hosting Friday Favorites.

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