February Happenings 2017

I know, I know it’s been way too long once again. Here are some highlights from this past month. I seriously can’t believe tomorrow is March 1st already, but I can’t say I’m sad. We are all ready for spring: we NEED to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Our girls had a few days off over president’s day weekend and we took a quick trip Up North. We all had a wonderful time. I love getting away with my girls and hubby. We can’t wait to go again.

While on our trip McKayla and McKenzie shared a bed for the first times since they were 6 months old and it was the sweetest thing. They slept great and loved it.

Oh my goodness I made a delicious, easy, and macro friendly meal the other day and I now it’s become a staple in my diet. I practically crave it and the best part is it is healthy and satisfying. I posted the quick version of the recipe on Instagram @reneefitformotherhood, but I will will write a recipe post ASAP and go into more detail. I also have new and easy way of cooking chicken, oh and it’s delicious. Counting macros is anything, but boring. I love the variety of foods I can have in my diet and still see results.

Lent starts tomorrow and instead of giving up something I am taking a different route. I am going to declutter our lives in more then one way. I always say being a mom is easy, it’s taking care of the house and everything else that stresses me out. If I get rid of unnecessary stuff life would be just a little bit easier. So, that is exactly what I am going to do, we are giving up clutter.

The past several days we have been watching Nico for my parents while they are in Vegas and our girls are loving it!! They love having him around and we love that it gets their dog fix out because we are not getting our own dog anytime soon. 🙂




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