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love and be loved

We began as a family of five and have grown so much in the last few years. I’m sure our family with continue to grow in the years to come.

july 2016 family pictures original 5

july 2016 family pictures extended family

july 2016 family pictures adult girls july 2016 family pictures the in-laws

My girls are so blessed to know their great-grandmas as well as they do. I love that they have a relationship with them. It is truly something special. Four generations is a beautiful thing.

july 2016 4 generations

I can’t believe how much our girls are growing up. They are becoming such beautiful young girls and we are blessed to call them our daughters. These four girls bring so much joy to our lives.

july 2016 family pictures family july 2016 pictures mckayla mama july 2016 pictures mckenzie mama july 2016 picture girls july 2016 pictures girls 2 july 2016 pictures girls 3 july 2016 pictures girls 4 july 2016 pictures mckayla mckenzie july 2016 pictures mckayla mckenzie 2 july 2016 pictures sophia isabella july 2016 pictures mama girls

july 2016 pictures mama girls 2

My mom and dad are two of the most amazing people I have ever known and I am so grateful to follow in their footsteps.

july 2016 pictures papa mama july 2016 pictures mimi mama july 2016 family pictures mimi papa girls july 2016 family pictures mimi girls dog july 2016 family pictures adults

I love having family pictures taken. Yes, preparing for it is not always easy, but I love having these beautiful pictures to remind me of life at this moment in time. I love looking back and seeing the growth of our family year after year.

love you before your not little


{pictures taken by Brittini Marie Photography}

Family Pictures – 2015, 2012

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