Family Pictures – 2012

Just a little over a month ago we got family pictures taken for our Christmas cards. We typically take family pictures about twice a year; any more and I would be too stressed. 🙂

It is so much work getting everyone ready and dressed for pictures. That’s not even mentioning hoping and praying that the photographer gets at least one picture where we are all looking and smiling at the camera. Well, somehow every time they seem to get great pictures and I never know how. Here are some of our favorites. I hope you enjoy!

My favorite family picture!

 I love this picture, Sophia was so excited to be able to throw leaves on Mommy.

This picture melts my heart Sophia is catching Bella!

Sisters! I love that Sophia put her arm out to protect her baby sister.

I love this picture of Sophia, she looks so old. 🙁

Our Bella, she loved playing in the leaves.

The only picture I have of just the three of us. Not the best, but I will take it. 🙂

I just love the sweetness of this picture.

There is just something so special about seeing the man you love with your children. I fall more in love each and every day. Steve is an amazing dad and husband. 🙂

These pictures were all taken by LA’s Photography.

2012 Closeout Workout Challenge Check-In

I just completed 30 jumping jacks, 20 push-ups, 20 narrow squats, 20 regular squats for a 7 day total of 610 reps. Remember there is always time to join the challenge.

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  1. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome says:

    Beautiful photos! I love the one of you all playing in the leaves! So cute!

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