Disney World 2016 – Bippity Boppity Boutique

Every little girl’s dream come true (and even some big girls :)) is this right here, at least it was for my girls. I just wish they had something like this for us mamas. How about queen for a day? I think that would be perfect. They could offer manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, etc. Okay, Disney I came up with the idea, now let’s get it done.

One of the best parts of the entire process is simply walking into the castle to be transformed into a princess. Our girls thought it was just unbelievable. They just couldn’t believe we were actually in Cinderella’s castle, the place where she lives. It was so sweet.

After waiting for a few minutes it was our turn. Our Fairy Godmother in training called Sophia back first. We watched while waiting for Isabella’s Fairy Godmother to open up.

bippity sophia bippity sophia mirror 3 bippity sophia mirror bippity sophia mirror 2

Before we knew it, it was Isabella’s turn and she was extremely excited. Isabella is so much easier to read than Sophia, her feeling are always written all over her face and body.

bippity isabella bippity isabella mirror bippity isabella mirror 2

Getting sprinkled with pixie dust was definitely a highlight. Our girls felt as though they were on top of the world, they felt as though they could fly.

After all the pampering (hair, nails, and makeup) we headed over for their photoshoot and as always the photographer were great with them.

bippity sophia photo 1 bippity sophia isabella bippity sophia isabella looking bippity isabella photo bippity sophia photo

This is truly something they will remember forever and something every girl should do at least once (at least I think so). There is nothing wrong with feeling like a true princess every once in awhile. Life is not always easy, but when your a child it should be.



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