Disney World 2014 – Our Final Days

This post is bittersweet. It is crazy to think our Disney vacation has come and gone. As Steve puts it; his dreams have come true. :) He had never stayed on Disney before this trip and he told my parents that was always a dream of his; well we made that happen and I can’t believe it has come and gone. Thank you Mom and Dad for making all our dreams come true. You are the best!! Steve learned how nice it is to stay on Disney; it is so much easier to come and go from the parks. Yes, it might cost more money, but the conveniences definitely out way the cost; especially if you plan on going to a park everyday.

Our last few days were a blast. The girls had so much fun. We spent Saturday morning at Typhoon Lagoon. This seriously might have been Sophia and Isabella’s favorite day. They had so much fun playing in the water. Sophia especially had a blast in the wave pool and going down slides. Isabella loved the sand. I quickly came to realize Isabella loves to watch. She is not so much a participator. Sophia is a doer. Typhoon Lagoon was so much fun we ended up staying there well into the late afternoon. Of course the girls napped once we got back to the hotel. Then we all got ready and headed over to Downtown Disney for dinner. We ate outside at this wonderful Irish Pub. It was delicious.

Sunday was our last day at Disney, so we decided to spend it at Magic Kingdom or “the castle” as the girls call it. But first we had breakfast with the characters at Chef Mickey’s. We asked Sophia and Isabella what their one last thing they wanted to do before leaving. Isabella of course wanted to see a show. We watched the Mickey show in front of the castle and Sophia wanted to ride the Under the Sea ride. After she got off the ride she tried to push the system and told us that she really wanted the carousal to be her last ride. Of course, Papa and Mimi couldn’t say no so they took her on her last ride.

On the monorail ride over to Magic Kingdom Isabella dropped her Minnie ears and they fell off the monorail. So, of course once we got to the park Sophia and Isabella each got a pair of ears and Isabella picked out these adorable sunglasses. She seriously wore them all day!!

sophia bella minnie ears bella minnie ears and glasses 2 bella minnie ears and glasses

mckenzie stroller mckenzie stroller close up mckenzie stroller laughing chef mickeys - mckenzie stroller 2

As we were leaving the park Sophia pulled Uncle Fran into the big store on Main Street. She came out bearing gifts for everyone. Our sweet girl asked her Uncle to help her buy gifts for her family. Thank you Uncle Fran. :)

Sunday was a very hot and humid day so we went back to the hotel and jumped into the pool. It was a wonderful way to end our vacation. Every night at our hotel they have bonfire and you can roast marshmallows and make s’mores. So, after swimming that is just what we did.

pool - sophia cover up smores mimi girls smores papa girls Snuggling while we finished packing.

last day sophia and bella

Seriously, have I told you how wonderful Disney’s Magic Express is?

Okay, so Steve and I took our five bags to the check in counter at out hotel. Yes, while the girls snuggled in the room we went and checked us all in. We handed our bags off to the airport check-in person and didn’t have to see them until Michigan. Amazing!!!

magical express sign bus stop - hugging sophia bella bus stop hugiing close up bus stop sophia bus stop last fay mimi papa bus stop - mimi sophia hug bus stop bella sophia hug bus stop bella bus stop mimi sophia bella

So, our poor Isabella had a rough travel day. It all began on the bus ride to the airport. She became very “car” sick. All of a sudden I look at her face and she says “I want Daddy”. Daddy holds her and she throws up all over the both of them. Then she wants to snuggle Mommy and she does it again. I felt so bad for her. We got to the airport, got off the bus she felt so much better. Well, our plane ride was a little bumpy so once we were making our decent into Michigan poor Isabella threw up again right into Mimi’s hands. Oh my!! We landed and once again Isabella was smiling and happy.

bella way home

Here are all our bags once we got to Michigan. Okay we have a ton of bags. :)

luggage way home

Oh and poor Isabella didn’t stop getting sick. We were about 10 minutes from home and she did it once again all over herself. Before getting into the car I handed her a throw up bag from the airplane but she forgot to use it. This is a day to remember. But once again we got home gave her a bath and she was perfectly fine. She ate a wonderful dinner and played until bedtime.

Our week was a week to remember. I am so excited for our girls to have these memories. I can’t wait to go on many more vacations in the years to come.

I hope my sister and brother still want children after their week long with our four girls. Yes, it is crazy and yes, it is a lot of work, but it is so worth it.

Traveling home is not as much fun as traveling too your vacation. It was quite depressing seeing all this snow; I am so done with it. Bring on spring. Please!!

Next week I am going to share with you my lists of must have things for babies/toddlers/preschoolers when traveling. I hope I can help you with everything I have learned. :) I am also working on a 8 month post for McKenzie and Mckayla. Oh my so much to share with you!!

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2 comments on “Disney World 2014 – Our Final Days

  1. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to leave a comment. I have been reading your blog since you were pregnant with the twins. I stumbled upon your blog while I was searching for information on twin pregnancy. I had twin girls Aug 2, 2014 so it has been fun watching how your girls are growing about a month ahead :) My husband and I go to Disney every year for our anniversary. We went by ourselves with the girls the first week in February. Reading your post makes me wish we would’ve brought family along! Our girls enjoyed the first 3-4 days and then got tired of the stroller. Anyway, just wanted you to know I love your blog! Your positive attitude is very encouraging to me on rough days!

    • Congrats on your girls. Yes, we have learned vacations are much more fun with family. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel like much of a break. :) Thank you so much. I try to be positive, as you know sometimes it is not easy.

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