10 Year Anniversary Cruise

Where do I begin?

It was absolutely wonderful and just what we needed. This trip was the perfect way to renew of our marriage and reconnect again. I love this man more and more each and every day.

We seriously haven’t been this relaxed in years; I truly can’t remember the last time we could just do nothing. I loved that your trip is practically planned for you when it comes to cruises; we didn’t have to think about meals, activities, or anything really.

I truly can’t wait to take our girls on one. This may be the start of some wonderful vacations together.

Our days consisted of laying by the pool, eating, reading, venturing out on St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Magen’s Bay was gorgeous; we spent most of the day relaxing on the beach. We really could get used to living on an island.

These last two days here in Michigan have been so cold I have been continuously asking myself why we live here. But, once summer comes I am reminded of how beautiful it is here. The problem is all the other months of the year.

While at sea we spent most of our days lounging by the pool (I finished two terrific books.) and at the spa (we splurged a little since it was our 10 year). Everything about our vacation was magical. Most of our nights were spent relaxing in a hot tub looking out into the vast ocean; such a beautiful view.

We loved seeing the shows and played a round of putt-putt and yes I beat hubby (his overly cockiness lost him the game… Ha).

One of our favorite places on the ship was Central Park. There was usually a nice warm breeze and you could here sounds of crickets (recording). It was the perfect way to spend our evenings.

Our anniversary was the 2nd to last night on the ship and we enjoyed dinner at one of the speciality restaurants called Chops Grille. It was a delicious steakhouse and lucky for us our anniversary happened to be formal night, we had so much fun getting all dressed up (at least I did).

10 years of marriage and 4 daughters looks pretty good on us. I love our family and our life. We are beyond blessed.

While we were away our girls had the best time with their Mimi (and Papa a couple of days; he worked A LOT). Mimi is truly an amazing women we are beyond grateful to have her in our lives. We couldn’t have have enjoyed ourselves if she wasn’t here taking such good care of our girls. Of course, it was a very busy week, but she survived. She did more then just survived she was AMAZING. Mimi even told us that she was going to miss our girls and that she had fun.


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